Xingfa Europe GmbH  has come to an agreement with Quimialmel, S.A. and Quimialmel Químicos e Minerais, LDA., hereinafter  called Quimialmel Grupo, to exclusively commercialize the full range of phosphates oriented to food market both in Spain and Portugal from January 1st, 2017.

It is noted that Xingfa Europe GmbH is a German subsidiary of the Chinese group Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co LTD, founded in 1984 and  a producer of phosphates as well as other chemical products. The 40 years of experience of Quimialmel Grupo in the commercialisation of raw materials, chemicals and minerals within different market sectors, including  human feeding, support your ability to exclusively distribute this complete range of food grade phosphate salts, in particular  sodium, potassium and calcium phosphates.

Xingfa & Quimialmel will work together to provide better service to our valuable customer.