Construction is part of Kaltun Mining’s social responsibility projects and has cost 250.000€

The official opening ceremony of “Kaltun Mining Hemodialysis Center in Çine Hospital” was held. Hemodialysis Center was built by our company Kaltun Mining Co. and started to serve in November.

A plaque of thanks and flowers were presented to Mrs. Münevver Tuncer as the senior member of Kaltun family. Hemodialysis center costed about 250.000EUR and this cost was fully covered by Kaltun family. With the new hemodialysis center building, the service area has been increased by 4.5 times, and now it is able to serve 120 patients.

Kaltun Mining visiting patients at the hemodialysis center at Çine Hospital (Turkey).

Kaltun Mining visiting patients at the hemodialysis center at Çine Hospital (Turkey).

On behalf of our company, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Yüksel Tuncer reminded that, our founder, the decedent Mr. Mehmet Tuncer always advised You earn in here, so invest here. Serve the people of the town. He also informed; as Kaltun family, they have built many works in the district until today and the services will continue.

Governor of Aydin, Mr. Yavuz Selim Kösger stated that good works were done in the health field and that the center would be an example to the other districts. He thanked Kaltun family and in particular Mrs. Münevver Tuncer. In addition, Mustafa Savaş, AK Party deputy of Aydin, conveyed thanks to our company for the services he has done to the district.

As Kaltun Mining Family, we live the excitement and proud of bringing a new segment of our social responsibility projects that we have been carrying out to our region and our country. Our aim will be continuing our projects without ever losing our respect and love for human and nature.